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Image by Lāsma Artmane

Classes&and Schedule

Vinyasa flow is dynamic in movement and linked to our breath. The pace is varied and playful and rest is invited at anytime throughout this practice. Relaxation & Meditation is included within the class.

Level 1  Suitable for beginners & seasoned equally.
Level 2  Ideal for beginners & seasoned with a good base level of movement.

Yin yoga is a complementary practice to more active styles and forms of movement aiming to stimulate deep muscle release within the
body. Yin also brings about profound rest, stillness and connection to our breath, here we embody a more medative practice. Longer held postures are found here in Yin.

Pranayama or guided breath elevates vitality and brings balance to our energetic systems,it soothes our senses time and time again.
Breath work is weaved into every class and is paramount, as the Hatha Yoga Pradipika says – The mind is the king of the senses, but the breath is king of the mind.

Meditation offers an opportunity to explore the benefits of mind, body & breath connection,time in stillness and the use of Mantra (chants) in a gentle and easful way. Like Pranayama, it completes the practice of Yoga and is found in every class.

Every class is different and with that, there is so many different moments to enjoy, but my mission is always the same, to create a
meaningful time, space and practice for everybody & everyone.

Schedule Weekly

Monday        18.00 60 minutes - Willpower, all levels


Tuesday        09.30 60 minutes – Vinyasa flow, level 1
                      19.00 90 minutes – Vinyasa flow, level 2

Wednesday  19.00 90 minutes – Vinyasa flow, level 2

Thursday      09.30 60 minutes – Vinyasa flow, level 1

                     18.00 90 minutes – Vinyasa flow, level 1

Friday.          09.15 60 minutes - Willpower, all levels

                      10.40 60 minutes - Parent & Baby yoga


All class bookings online T&C’s apply


60 minute class   £8
90 minute class   £10

One to one or a few tailored tuition  £50 hourly

* Corporate & exclusive packages on request.

Included in each class of Fika is myself, at my wholehearted best,encouraging, joyful and soothing. I seek beautiful & safe spaces that I know you’ll love and want to practice in time and time again.

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